FSH Summer Science Marathon (Slide)

Slide trình bày trong sự kiện FSH - Summer Science Marathon



Nếu bạn muốn tải tất cả các bài thuyết trình trong sự kiện, có thể click vào đường link bên sau (Mediafire): [FSH-SSM] Presentations 2014

Why medical scientific research matter – Nguyen Van Hung


Exchange study: Open your mind and change your mind – Bui Phuong Linh

How to be a critical thinker – Pham Thanh Tung



Doing a PhD at Karolinska Institute: Transformation of Hello Kitty to Pink Panther – Trinh Xuan Thang. MD



Living a youth to the full – Can’t medical students do that? – Trinh Xuan Thang. MD



Seminar on good clinical practice – Hoang Bao Long. MD

Online course: Free knowledge from Havard, Stanford and more – Nguyen Phuc Binh, Luong Hoang Long



VEF program and University of Texas – Nguyen Tuan Anh. MD. PhD



Preparing for study abroad – Pham Thanh Tung, Bui Phuong Linh



A warm welcome from UCLA – Nguyen Xuan Binh Minh. MD